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Governance and Compliance

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CompliancePursuant to CMS regulation, the ESRD Network 18 Board of Directors must include:

  • Representatives from a variety of healthcare settings, not to exceed 20 total members;
  • At least one consumer representative;
  • A membership under which at least two-thirds of its members are independent and have not been compensated by the Network within the last year for non-Network Board services;
  • A membership of which officers comprise no more than 20 percent;
  • A cap of six (6) years of consecutive service, with a possible exemption of one (1) member when the board consists of 1-5 members and an exemption of two (2) members with the board consisting of 6-10 members. No Network Board member shall exceed nine (9) consecutive years of service; and
  • Reimbursement for all reasonable travel expenses incurred by the member in connection with attending a meeting. For purposes of the reimbursement of travel expenses, “reasonable expenses” shall be determined by the Corporation in accordance with the General Services Administration’s regulations. A member who attends a meeting by electronic communications shall not be entitled to receive any travel expense reimbursement for that meeting.

The composition of Network 18 Board of Directors and is as follows:

Board of Directors

Name Position Date of Appointment Length of Appointment Affiliation
Scott A. Rasgon, MD Vice Chair/MRB Chairperson January 2016 3 years Kaiser Permanente
Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD Board Member January 2016 2 years University of California
Joseph Lee, MD Board Member January 2016 3 years Fresenius/DaVita
Dylan Steer, MD (ESCO) Board Member January 2016 3 years Balboa Nephrology Medical Group
Gerri Lewis Board Member January 2016 3 years Desert Cities Dialysis, Victorville, CA
Lorene Wood Board Member January 2016 1 year Patient Representative
Wendy Skinner Board Member January 2019 2 years Patient Representative

Anyone interested in being considered for a volunteer position with the Network BOD, MRB, PAC, or NC is encouraged to call us directly at
888-268-1539 or toll-free at 800-637-4767.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Hutchinson, Executive Director at 888-268-1539.