Quality of Life

“Having a diagnosis of End Stage Renal Disease does not mean that your quality of life will suffer. We hope that you review the materials provided to you below to explore ways in which you may increase your quality of life. Resources below have been developed to address the mind, body, and soul in hopes of having an overall enhancement of how you are feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually. Please note that this information is not meant to replace any doctors’ order(s) regarding diet or physical activity.


  • Chapter 8 Improving Quality of Care


  • A Guide to Heart Health for Dialysis Patients
  • Know Your Number: Are you Getting Adequate Hemodialysis
  • Tips for Healthy Living
  • Work with your Doctor to Stay Healthy

Body: Diet

  • Cookbook All Receipts (Español)
  • Dining Out with Confidence
  • Eating Healthy for People on Hemodialysis
  • Eat Right to feel Right Hemodialysis (Español)
  • Fruits and Vegetables Serving Size (Español)
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Your Health, Your Neighborhood and Your Life (Español)
  • Living Well on Dialysis: A Cookbook for Patients and Their Families
  • Nutrition and Hemodialysis
  • Nutrition and Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Nutrition and Transplantation

Body: Exercise

  • Exercise: A Guide for the People on Dialysis
  • Physical Activity for Your Health, Your Neighborhood and Your Life (Español)
  • Staying Fit With Kidney Disease Article
  • What You Should Know About Exercise Article


  • 211 Information and Resources
  • AKF Programs and Services Brochure (Español)
  • Coping Effectively: A Guide to Living Well with Kidney Failure
  • Encouragement: Renal Rehabilitation Bridging the Barriers for Patients and their Families
  • Home Dialysis Central Postcard
  • Kidney Beginnings: A Patient’s Guide to Living with Reduced Kidney Function
  • Living Well with Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Managing the Emotional Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease Article
  • Mental Health Resources for Facilities
  • Mental Health Resources for Patients
  • Patient Interest Checklist 1
  • Patient Interest Checklist 4
  • Quality of Life with Diabetes and CKD
  • Understanding Depression in Kidney Disease
  • “Coping with End Stage Renal Disease” Article by AAKP Renalife


  • Spirituality and Religion: Resources for Healing Article
  • Yoga Pose: Bound Angle
  • Yoga Pose: Half Lord of the Fishes
  • Yoga Pose: Self Inquiry Meditation
  • Yoga Pose: Upward Facing Dog