Our Mission

To provide leadership and assistance to renal dialysis and transplant facilities in a manner
that supports continuous improvement in patient care, outcomes, safety and satisfaction.

Decreasing Dialysis Patient-Provider Conflict (DPC)

Decreasing Patient-Provider Conflict Gain insight and learn new skills and approaches to successfully address conflict in your dialysis clinic. Find resources to help nurses, physicians, social workers, patient care technicians, dietitians, administrators, unit secretaries, and all other staff involved in the daily operations of the dialysis clinic to better understand, respond to, and decrease conflict.

DPC Interactive Training Programs
Below you will find two interactive training programs that will provide you with skills in resolving conflict with your patients as well as teach critical thinking when dealing with difficult situations.  Each training provides case examples and videos.  After each scenario you will have to answer questions regarding what you have learned. At the completion of each training you will receive a certificate of completion.

dpc Decreasing Conflict Interactive Training Part I- Conflict Skills
Click Here to Start the Training
(File is 97.0 MB and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to download)

dpc Decreasing Conflict Interactive Training Part I- Critical Thinking
Click Here to Start the Training
(File is 124.0 MB and takes about 30 minutes to download)

DPC Provider Manual & Presentation
dpc Decreasing Dialysis Patient-Provider Conflict (DPC) Provider Manual
dpc Introduction to the DPC Project PowerPoint Presentation

DPC Quality Improvement Tools:
dpc DPC QI Tracking Tool - Includes Conflict Log, Definitions, Graphs, Tables & Documentation Form (word)
dpc DPC QI Tracking Tool Spreadsheet - Use spreadsheet to track Number, Types and Causes of Conflicts (excel)
dpc DPC QI Tracking Tool Spreadsheet - Examples - What to look for when using the spreadsheets (excel)

DPC Additional Resources:
dpc DPC Conflict Pathway - Algorithm (word)
dpc DPC Tips on Cultural Awareness - Some tips to enhance cultural sensitivity(word)
dpc DPC Brochure - What is CONFLICT? (pdf)
dpc DPC Post Card (pdf)
dpc DPC Bibliography (word)

Network 18 DPC Powerpoint Presentations:
dpc Session 1: Administration - Feb. 16 & Feb. 17, 2010 Powerpoint
dpc Session 2: Staff Training Modules 1-3 - Mar. 9 & Mar. 10, 2010 Powerpoint
dpc Session 3: Staff Training Modules 4-6 - Mar. 30 & Mar. 31, 2010 Powerpoint
dpc Session 4: Staff Training Modules 7-9 - Apr. 20 & Apr. 21, 2010 Powerpoint
dpc Session 5: Step III Quality Improvement - May 11 & May 12, 2010 Powerpoint


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