Our Mission

To provide leadership and assistance to renal dialysis and transplant facilities in a manner
that supports continuous improvement in patient care, outcomes, safety and satisfaction.

QI Tools & Forms

2008 Quality Improvement Manual (pdf)
QI Manual: Section I Only - Introduction to QAPI (pdf)
QI Manual: Section II Only - Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement (pdf)
QI Manual Section III Only - MRB Statements & Resources (pdf)

Forum Medical Advisory Council (MAC) Toolkits
The Forum MAC has developed a series of QAPI toolkits to assist dialysis facilities in meeting the requirements of the Conditions of Coverage which are as follows:
Catheter Reduction Toolkit, Assurance of Diabetes Care Coordination Toolkit, Medication Reconciliation Toolkit and Vaccination Toolkit.

QAPI Hemodialysis Package (excel)

Medical Records Model

Non-Standard Bath Use in Adult Chronic Hemodialysis

Vinegar Use in Hemodialysis

Patient Teaching Tips

Blood Sample Labeling Verification-Patient Identification Form

How to Prevent Blood Error Submissions

ESRD Quality Incentive Program Reviewing your Facility's Performance Data (PDF)

Chronic Kidney Disease Quick Reference Guide for Primary Care Providers



The Vaccination Toolkit

It's All About Staying Healthy! Newsletter

Immunization Action Coalition Hepatitis information/education forms and Vaccine Information Statements

Immunization Action Coalition extensive listing of various vaccination tools and techniques

Safe & Timely Immunizations Coalition - A Comprehensive Resource Guide of Educational Materials on Hepatitis B, Influenza, and Pneumococcal Immunizations (PDF 285 page document)

Give These People Influenza Vaccine! (PDF)
Guidelines for Vaccinating Kidney Dialysis Patients and Patients with CKD (PDF)
Hepatitis B Vaccination Tracking Form (PDF) (Word)
How Can I Protect Myself and My Family From An Influenza Pandemic? (Word)
Influenza Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) 2007-08 English / Spanish (PDF)
Influenza Vaccine Tracking Form (PDF) (Word)
It's Federal Law...Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) (PDF)

Quick Reference Information: Medicare Immunization Billing
Procedure Codes & Descriptors, FAQs, etc.

Seasonal Influenza: Questions & Answers

Pneumococcus: Questions & Answers

Hepatitis B: Questions & Answers

Hepatitis B Facts: Testing and Vaccination

Transplant Referral Documents

MRB Statement
Transplant Center: Long Term Plan, Annual Review, Matrix, Control Form, Directory, and Log Form

Infection Control

MMWR Weekley Report Recommendations for Preventing Transmission of Infections Among Chronic Hemodialysis Patients

APIC - Guide to the Elimination of Infections in Hemodialysi

CTCA Guidelines for Tuberculosis (TB) Screening and Treatment of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Patients Receiving Hemodialysis (HD), Patients Receiving Peritoneal Dialysis (PD), Patients Undergoing Renal Transplantation and Employees of Dialysis Facilities

Guide to Infection Prevention for Outpatient Settings: Minimum Expectations for Safe Care (CDC, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases & Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion)

Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI)
Albumin Run Chart (PDF)
Anemia Run Chart (PDF)
QAPI Plan and Guidelines for Using the PDSA Process (Word)
Dialysis Adequacy Run Chart (PDF)

Fishbone (Cause & Effect) Diagram and Instructions (PDF) (Word)

"Improving on the Fishbone" Article (PDF)
Effective Cause-and-Effect Analysis: Cause Mapping - By Mark Galley

Elab Data Collection Reference Guide (PDF)

2007 CPM Outcome Comparison Tool - PD (PDF)

Network 18's Clinical Performance Goals

2012 Clinical Performance Goals (PDF) - Updated 12/07/11




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