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To provide leadership and assistance to renal dialysis and transplant facilities in a manner
that supports continuous improvement in patient care, outcomes, safety and satisfaction.

Vocational Rehabilitation

These are programs, agencies or organizations that help individuals remain employed, retrain for other jobs, or otherwise help achieve the best quality of life you can.

The ESRD Conditions for Coverage specify that social workers should provide services that maximize the social functioning of the patient [Code 494.80 (a), (13); Code 494.90 (ad) (8)]. Social work efforts to promote vocational rehabilitation, including patients with job retention strategies, making referrals to job training, and employment counseling/placement services are important interventions in trying to improve the social functioning of patients; who are in their prime working years.

Below is the 2012 Vocational Rehabilitation Packet, which contains materials and resources to assist you in your vocational intervention with your patients:

Southern California Renal Disease Council, Inc.
greensq Vocational Rehabilitation Memo
greensq Guidelines for Assessment and Referral to Vocational Rehab
greensq Vocational Rehabilitation Best Practices Checklist
greensq Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) Program
greensq Vocational Rehabilitation Website Resources
greensq Ticket to Work Program Information
greensq Guide to Working with Your Local Vocational Rehabilitation
greensq California Department of Rehabilitation South Region Offices
... (By County) Listing

Life Options
greensq Building Quality of Life: A Practical Guide to Renal Rehabilitation
greensq Employment: A Kidney Patient's Guide to Working
... and Paying for Treatment

Medical Education Institute (MEI)
greensq Keeping Your Job When You Need Dialysis Information

Social Security Administration
greensq Fact Sheet 2012 (English) (Spanish)
greensq Understanding the Benefits 2012
greensq Working While Disabled - A Guide to Plans for Achieving
... Self-Support (English) (Spanish)
greensq Working While Disabled - How Can We Help (English) (Spanish)
greensq Your Ticket to Work (English) (Spanish)

State of Calif. Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation
greensq A Guide to General Services (English) (Spanish)
greensq Blind Field Services
greensq Consumer Information Handbook (English) (Spanish)
greensq Vocational Rehabilitation Services Application (English) (Spanish)

Department of Rehabilitation Click www.rehab.cahwnet.gov

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