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Please click on the titles below to access the recorded webinars from the corresponding events:


Quality Conference: Patient Engagement 07.18.17

  1. KeyNote Video Recording 07.18.17

    • Introduction to Palliative Care and Hospice – Dr. Duncan, MD PDF Slides
    • Dynamic De-Escalation – Dr. Braun, Ed.D, M.Sc., EMT
    • Conversation Skill for Early Advanced Care Planning – Dr. Duncan, MD
    • Violence Prevention and Response – Dr. Braun, Ed.D, M.Sc., EMT
  2. Library Services (PDF) by the Braille Institute
    For more information call the Braille Institute at (800) 808-2555 or (323) 660-3880.
  3. Emergency Planning under the CMS New Rule Powerpoint | Emergency Prep CD – Dan Wall, RN and Janelle Leza, MPPA, BS, RPCV

    Thank you to the Ventura County Health Care Coalition for sharing their resources with Network 18. For more information, please visit their website at http://www.vchca.org/ventura-county-healthcare-coalition-vchcc or contact them via email at VCHCC@ventura.org.
  4. Bugs Away: Infection Control (PDF) – Barbara Dommert-Breckler, RN, BSN, CCN
  5. Alzheimer’s, Behaviors, Communication, and Dialysis (PDF) – Jennifer Schlesinger, MPH, CHES
    Thank you to Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles for sharing their presentation with Network 18. For more information, please visit their website at www.alzgla.org. Have Questions or not sure where to start? Call their 24/7 Helpline 844.HELP.ALZ (844-435-7259).
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