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2018 QIA Current Projects


2018 Patient and Family Engagement

Tips for Including Patients in QAPI and Governing Body Meetings
Track Patient Engagement
Tips to Facilitating a Successful Support Group
Plan of Care Meetings: As Important as Treatments
Annual Care Plan Invitation and Tips for Patients EnglishSpanish



2018 Reducing Blood Stream Infections (BSIs) QIA

Powerpoint Slides
Monthly Reporting
Obtaining EMR Access



2018 Increasing Transplant Waitlisting QIA

Powerpoint Slides
2018 Transplant QIA Fact Sheet
Transplant FAQ
Transplant Centers Matrix


 2018 Increasing Home Dialysis QIA

Powerpoint Slides
Myth vs Reality Practical Matters
Myths vs Reality Hemodialysis
Myth vs Reality Peritoneal Dialysis


2018 Reducing Hospitalizations QIA

Powerpoint Slides
Patient ID Cards
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Reporting Hospitalizations in CROWNWeb Webinar – Powerpoint Slides


Network 18 Network Council Call 1.10.18

Powerpoint Slides